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Eisnener cuts back and forward between a kid in high school and out on a hunting expedition accompanied by the school janitor who is revealed to be a paedophile. The consensus says the film "is wildly uneven, with several legitimately scary entries and a bunch more that miss the mark".

A woman's long-running attempt to commit murder grows more desperate and brutal as time runs out. Two of the most disappointing segments come from directors with the most high profile genre names. Most anthologies vary with some episodes usually emerging better than others — this is even more the case here with the sheer number of contributors to the project.

Personally, it took me a couple of days and four or five sittings to get through it, both because my mind wandered, and also because it's easier to digest and actually appreciate the entries if you don't allow yourself to be overwhelmed. Grau has stripped all elements of his segment to a minimum — we have no idea who the woman chained up in the bath is, who her captor is and why he thinks she is an intruder, or what he injects her with.

After the woman seemingly manages to flush it, she continues to hear the squeak. This is a brief piece all shot in first-person camera from the point of view of a figure being pursued through the woods by various people, where they are eventually cornered and beheaded.

Screen Crush gave an overall positive review, saying that it was "a good time at the abcs of death l is for libido cast. The directors were then given free rein in choosing a word to create a story involving death. Juan Carlos runs away, leaving the still-living duck in the cage.

This essentially draws on pounding Cyberpunk action cliches from RoboCop with a few under-explained nods towards a zero population future, before an ending concerning a miracle child.

She and her robot partner, Nezbit, break into a facility to hunt for "mentals". It was unquestionably one of the worst cinematic experiences I've ever had, and almost made me abandon the entire endeavor.

His father laughs upon seeing him, but the toilet tank then comes loose and falls, crushing the libido cbd thc head titan gel buy now causing the father to scream in horror. Using a variety of sharp objects, Gertrude proceeds to cut the fat off of her body. A talking bird ruins a marriage proposal by driving the would-be bride into a murderous jealous rage.

There are some diamonds buried deep in the rough though, and given that this is a compendium assembled by mostly-unknown film makers, it will be interesting to see which of them eventually evolve into regulars in the genre. Needless to say, all three episodes are completely insane. The man enters Xochitl's room, but leaves as Xochitl hides under the covers counting sheep.

B is for Bigfoot: A contest was held for the role of the twenty-sixth director. M is for Miscarriage A woman tries to unclog her toilet. ABCs of Death 2 was a sequel featuring a different twenty-six directors. E is for Exterminate comes from actress Angela Bettis, known for parts abcs of death l is for libido cast films such as Toolbox Murders and the title roles in May and the tv mini-series remake of Carrie V is for Vagitus: Yet there are some honest to goodness gems to be found in the mix as well.

The man who made it through all of the acts suddenly falls unconscious when he refuses to continue. Both are forced to masturbate to a series of increasingly disturbing acts with the last one to climax getting impaled.

The ABCs of Death (2012)

Desperate, she takes up a gig at what appears to be a photo shoot. You really need to see it to believe it. Similarly pointless and silly is T Is Libido cbd thc Toilet, a silly bit of children's nightmare come to life that really didn't affect me.

Still, I really appreciate the creativity of all the directors with their own works.

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G is for Gravity Andrew Traucki In the first short shot mostly from a POV perspective, a man drives up to the beach where he pulls out a surf board and a bag full of bricks.

Morgenthaler is a Danish animator, previously known for Princess about a man taking violent revenge against a group of pornographers. I is for Ingrown: The episode is focused around the bare-hands fight between a man and a dog in front of a warehouse full of bettors.

Many reviewers criticized the film shorts' unevenness. You may email him here or follow him on Twitter.

  1. C is for Cycle:
  2. The ABCs Of Death Review: 26 Short Films. Some Humorous, Some Horrifying, Some Horrible

But, this opportunity could also be a problem. Y is for Youngbuck Jason Eisener A pedophilic janitor teaches a young boy he has been watching from afar to hunt deer, and is then implied to sexually assault the boy.

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E is for Exterminate: A kidnapper and her victim outrun a mysterious man trying to murder them both. L Is For Libido is an absolutely skin-crawlingly vile and I don't mean in a good where to buy sizegenix in spain, horror-movie-wise tale of torture that includes, among other things, the Crash-like sexualization of amputees followed by men masturbating while watching a child get raped.

Oh, just stop it: He is covered in bandages, but seemingly adored by the public who want to touch his skin.

The ABC's of Death

A is for Apocalypse. The short begins to devolve into scenes involving zombie clowns, a puppet in hell, chem trails, a warrior woman battling a giant walrus, and a flying baby monster, all while a newscaster chaotically spouts end of the world babble. I particularly enjoyed the weird, mindbending cloning bit from C Is For Cycle, and the slasher sendup B Is For Bigfoot is remarkably both on-the-nose and wickedly clever.

This is a snappy little episode that comes with an undeniable energy and never wears out its welcome before it comes to its downbeat twist ending.

T is for Toilet: X is for XXL Xavier Gens Gertrude, an overweight woman, wanders the streets of France as people everywhere taunt her size; she is haunted by images of thin attractive women.

Even so, the entire project is roughly two and a half hours long -- an exhaustive undertaking even if they're all winners. He makes it to a train yard and crushes himself underneath one of the cars; shortly afterwards, it ed treatment without medication to rain blood.

A darkly humorous short in which a schoolgirl dies by breathing her teacher's fart rather than poison gas during a deadly gas attack.

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The entire episode feels like one where Wingard and Barnett planet fitness total body enhancement safe making zero effort whatsoever. P is for Pressure: The only point of confusion for me was uncertainty about the significance of the ending, which you feel was trying to build to a big twist revelation but leaves you feeling like you missed some key point of information.

Or perhaps a deformed serial killer — it is never clear what. Jon Schnepp Jon Schnepp is working on an animated short relating to the letter W when his friends and crew members tell him to come to the conference room to watch the news.

The entire segment seems like an experimental student short that has failed to communicate or think through its ideas.

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Strangelove stands up and shouts "My Emperor, it is standing! Bettis delivers a man versus spider story. Ashes to Ashes and Doghouseas well as a host of genre-related documentaries and dvd extras.

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Each episode is structured so that we see the film and then it is revealed what the letter in question stands for. The short was originally titled Y is for Yeti. Does the jes extender really work babysitters, Dulce and Erik, fabricate a story about the Abominable Snowman coming out every night to take away kids, but only those who stay up at night.

L is for Libido. In that sense it sometimes feels a little too student film-ish at times, but it can still occasionally provide some solid laughs and scares. This is a segment that feels as though it needed more of the gonzo approach that Eisener took in Hobo with a Shotgun.

A man and a woman have sex in a series of extreme close-up shots. The Toilet of the Dead and Dead Sushi fame.

The ABC's of Death | Horror Film Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia It is an exceedingly slight payoff for an episode that is almost instantly forgettable.

He is sucked in and finds out he has been sent back in time to the night he heard the sound, he was the one who made it. The episode takes Gens back into Frontier s territory and essentially involves the plus-size heroine conducting self-surgery all as a weightloss miracle diet commercial plays out on the tv in the background with gore-drenched results.

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They are not all winners, unfortunately. She goes down to the basement, finds a plunger and returns, revealing that a dead fetus is inside. TK Burton is the Editorial Director.

A woman has a miscarriage in a toilet. Trailer here. R is for Removed: But if you have the stamina to watch the entire string in one sitting, I'll be impressed. Harga titan gel apotik and Simon, along with their cameraman Juan Carlos, go out to shoot an actual living duck on film since "nobody gives a shit about animals".

She takes his hand and is shown to have died in a drug den. The directors were recruited from people that Ant Timpson and Tim League had befriended at various film festivals. N is for Nuptials: A man off screen tells the executioner to finish the job as he notices the samurai is performing seppuku.

The episode is shot in an emphatically in-your-face hyper-realism that accentuates abcs of death l is for libido cast violence.

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Timpson has courted much controversy during this time with screenings of films such as Baise-MoiVisitor Q and Irreversible that were ritually greeted by efforts from moral minority groups to have them banned. Don't ask, and don't bother.

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W is for WTF: Instead, it makes me sick. Lainey, an officer, successfully petitions for one, but discovers she is infertile. Destruction is heard outside as the woman sits with her husband and waits for the side effects of rhino male enhancement of the world.