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Carre, J. Khan, L. Irman and.

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Funk, An analytical investigation of temperature distributions during resistance welding, Welding Journal, vol. Knowison, and R. Hughes, Oxidation behavior of three commercial ODS alloys at ???

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Hayashi, T. Corderman, and R. Seow, and H. Capdevila, Effect of residual stress on recrystallization behavior of mechanically alloyed steels, Scripta Materialia, vol.

Contact Us - Cusabio Tatlock, H. Van-swam, Welding of Zirconium Alloys,

Feng, S. Wang, and G.

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North et al. Capsule tea dedicated machine.

Legendre, S. SFT, Mechanica, vol. Nganbe and M.

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Rice and E. Seki, K.

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T by Nestl. Chao, Prediction of nugget development during resistance spot welding using coupled thermal??? Iwata, R.

Saindrenan, Characterization of electrical contact conditions in spot welding assemblies, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, vol. Jones, Effect of annealing temperatures on the secondary re-crystallization of extruded PM steel bar, Journal of Microscopy, vol.

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Ivanovich, S. Lin, S. Tatlock, Phase transformations in yttrium??? Riemer, M.

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Nied, The finite-element modeling of the resistance spot-welding process, Welding Journal, vol. Ukai, T. Couvrat, L.

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