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This is better understood in the block world picture given by relativity, and in this case is just a particular case of 1.

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If you are correct, it will happen. The solution is real at any time, but depends also by the future measurements contextuality, "delayed initial conditions". I want more. You or some other physicist will simply need to come up with experimental results that support your theory of choice.

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Best regards Cristinel Stoica replied on Sep. For more than 40 years, they have been performed, with different experimental apparatus, and accordingly to J. It makes any sense for you, the claim J. It is difficult to judge someone's work only by a one sentence summary. I see that you consider that, because I don't reject Bell's theorem, I am against local realism.

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When I commented on just one of your sentences, you should not think I didn't read all your post. Hence, you can only see the time displayed on the screen, so you think that it is just a clock.

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Matthew Marsden wrote on Sep. I wish you good luck with the paradigm shift which you promote, which is to replace the current paradigm in QM with a new one, which is actually the old one of local realism. My question, now: Perhaps you are not satisfied with their work, but did you read it? I doubt you can find loopholes based on imperfect measurements here.

I want the world to have a local realist theory to explain quantum phenomena, that could make predictions in a broader scope than QM, for instance Gravity. I think even the smartest guys barely have vegan libido booster time titan gel.gr read and understand all that is written every day on this subject.

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Best, Teresa Mendes replied on Sep. Especial found and put the finger where the problem of today's Physics is. It is math.

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So why do teachers, renown physicists and all media say the opposite? This doesn't mean that I consider them right, but only practical. And there are so many physicists working at local or realistic versions of QM.

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Can I ask you something? I wish you good luck in your mission. Up to this point, there were proposed hundreds of alternative donde puedo encontrar titan gel en colombia and formalisms of QM, but the simplest and most fit is the Hilbert space formalism.

So this is why I don't think I should toss the good old formalism. They have to do something to test it - they do a Bell test. Say that accidentally you discover how to unlock the screen, and use it as a phone. That was the phrase that mostly "interested" me. I really don't care about "loopholes" but mainstream physicists do, and they teach the opposite.

But I think this would be unfair, and I gave you some links that may help you understand my position, if you will be interested and decide to spend some time on this. Can I find it? But please read my papers and watch my videos, where I try to explain why the old formalism still allows things considered forbidden by most scientists: You realize that what you thought is a clock, it is in fact a smartphone.

Hence, you can only see the time displayed on the screen, so you think It uses inequalities to find the limits of Local Realism.

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There has to be a test, an experimental test, that allow us to refute it and if refuted, discard it. Not alone, I can't. A new paradigm means, not only a new mindset, but also a new formalism, that of course should be compatible with all previous experimental evidence, and be falsifiable, but also bring something new. A theory, to prevail, needs to be falsifiable.

The purpose of my plea is not for others to agree with me How about the Kochen-Specker theorem? Ron Gruber Teresa Mendes replied on Sep. Briefly, my view is titan gel buy now any measurement setup in QM has local real solutions.

I have a question for you: That is the reason why I made you my important question. There are a lot of great physicists who work in the foundations of quantum mechanics and try good size erection reconstruct it from different principles and using different formalisms. But, what I believe, is that J.

Change the paradigm! You say: And also I want a theory whose formalist that doesn't need to be renormalized to give predictions. Hi Teresa, "don't you think that the two phrases are in contradiction?

To exploit those loopholes, Nature would have to be very sneaky, and to do this at purpose, and change the way to use the loopholes in different ways, depending on the experiment. Christian and al. You are prepared to toss this clock and buy a cell phone. Especial's work, know that the all experiments have been performed with 'loopholes' and that there is not, at this time, any experiment that has closed all 'loopholes' in one experiment.

The one you should titan gel buy now seems to be not them, but Nature. But since up to this point the boundaries supplements to boost libido the experiments are precisely those of the theory, then I don't think I am restricting myself.

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Every physicist except Dr. I can't imagine a principle in physics which we should stop questioning. But if you follow them, you can see that they have brilliant, radically new ideas, based on new paradigms and so on.

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Cristi Teresa Mendes replied on Sep. Also all the participants could send a few group emails, twitter, facebook, msgs to interested friends perhaps? But you would like to have a cell produk titan gel di malaysia. This is an overstatement. Because local realism has not been rejected, Physicists should FIRST find a solution within that limitation, and not search for that solution all over the place.

On the other hand, the others are the ones that advanced QM, both in theory and in applications.

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