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How do you know if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. ED Quiz - Do I Have Erectile Dysfunction?

High cholesterol and high blood pressure. But more than two to three elevated readings over time likely means you have high blood pressure. Sometimes the fix might be straightforward, like adjusting your meds if you take prescriptions that are messing with your ability to get hard. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Either way, your doctor might also be able to offer help in the short term to keep your sex life from tanking—like prescribing an ED med like Cialis, Viagra or Levitra.

Philadelphia, Pa.: You should expect a physical exam where your doctor will listen to your heart and lungs, check your blood pressure, and examine your testicles and penis. A couple's problem — update.

Endocrine Practice. But your penis still might be signaling an issue if you notice any kind of change to your erection—in fact, this can be the early stage of ED. The Princeton III consensus recommendations for the management of erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease.

Systematic review and meta-analysis. Blood flow is usually stimulated by either sexual thoughts or direct contact with your penis. Erectile dysfunction sign: Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

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Saunders Elsevier. As the chambers fill with blood, the penis grows rigid. Brown A. Is erectile dysfunction an inevitable result of aging? American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists medical guidelines for clinical practice for the evaluation and treatment of male sexual dysfunction: Besiroglu H, et al. Hidden risks of erectile dysfunction "treatments" sold online.

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This makes it harder for the vessels to expand so more blood can flow gel testanera titan your penis, says Dr. The relationship between metabolic syndrome, its components, and erectile dysfunction: Premature ejaculation.

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Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Inability to Have an Erection Some men may have trouble getting an erection at all, which may lead to feelings of distress, guilt, embarrassment, shame, or other difficult emotions. That may be especially true if you have sleep apnea, a sleep disorder where your breathing pauses frequently throughout the night. Ramin says.

Illustration by Joshua Seong. Erectile dysfunction. Your gums are swollen, tender, or bleed easily Getty Images Gums that are swollen, painful, or bleed when you brush or floss are likely signs of gum disease. Guay AT, et al. ED may be a short-term or long-term problem for you. Montague DK, et al. Trost LW expert opinion. Difficulty Achieving an Erection The primary symptom of ED is the inability to achieve an adequate erection to have sex when you desire it.

But even if your penis is humming along just fine now, there could still be some issues lurking beneath the surface. Along with a lack of sexy thoughts, you may also notice some other signs of low testosteronelike fatigue or mood changes, difficulty building muscle, or even developing a gut.

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That in turn can make getting hard more difficult. Nehra A, et al.

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ED affects: They may do tests to determine if your symptoms are caused by an underlying condition. Ferri's Clinical Advisor And that lowered libido can make it harder to get an erection. That could involve tests to measure things like your blood pressure, cholesterol, or testosterone levels.

Silva AB, et al.

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An erection is the result of increased blood flow into your penis. Additionally, you may need blood or urine tests to rule out other conditions. Urology Care Foundation.

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The good news is that many healthcare providers and urologists are equipped to discuss and treat ED. This relaxation allows for increased blood flow through the penile arteries. If you find yourself in this situation, you may also feel like your inability to have sex profoundly impacts your relationships with your partner, affects your self-esteem, and reduces your overall sense of health and well-being.

The Journal of Urology.

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You started a new prescription medication Getty Images Antidepressants and high blood pressure meds are particular culprits, says Dr. The researchers found a stronger correlation between smoking and illicit drug use and ED in men under 40 than among older men. That suggests that lifestyle choices may be a main contributing factor for ED in younger men.

Diabetes was the next most common risk factor and was linked to ED in 27 percent of men under Jan 9, Getty Images You have no problem getting an erection—and keeping it up until you and your partner are both satisfied. Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for your sex drive, explains New York-based urologist and sex expert David Shusterman, M.

The management of erectile dysfunction: One man may be able to sustain an erection for short periods of time, while another man might exhibit a complete inability to achieve an erection.

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This may create anxiety and further compound the problem of ED. Cunningham GR, et al. So no penis problem should be ignored. Results of the Androx Vienna Municipality study.

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Erection ends when the muscles contract and the accumulated blood can flow out through the penile veins. Kratzik CW, et al. What to do if you notice erectile issues Getty Images If you notice anything about your erections starting to seem unusual, talk with your doctor, recommends Dr.

An AUA update. Food and Drug Administration.

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Blood pressure meds, of course, work to lower your blood pressure. Your doctor can use this data to better understand your penis function and ED. Sexual function in Parkinson's disease. Sleep deprivation causes testosterone levels to plummet and can make you feel more stressed or anxious, Dr.

If it plummets, your desire to get going in the say may, too. An intermittent problem with getting an erection may be considered a normal part of life. Frequent Symptoms Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men, and the signs and symptoms may differ from person to person.

Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Everything You Need to Know About Erectile Dysfunction (ED)