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I've been followed on the freeway by groups of men in their beaten up cars hurling sexual gestures whilst driving. Even photographed by random strangers. Guess what, the pool bar is flooded with loud, obnoxious,skanky,tatooed covered Aussies screaming out the West Coast Eagles theme song.

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The worst and most constant racist abuse I've received was in Morocco. WELL theirs a tourist price. Behave like a bogun and you will be considered one. I know crime is high and I don't believe any government at federal or state level takes the drugs problems so many Australians in this country CHOOSE to participate in seriously enough.

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Please know that not all people in Perth are like that, Australia is a beautiful country and unfortunately perth is going through hard times economically and people have lost there jobs or are struggling to afford to live which i think is extremely stressful and can bring our the worst in people.

The wheather is amazing, obviously everyone on here just chosen the wrong suburb to live in. My wife is London born and raised but her family is of Caribbean heritage.

She asked again and again but nobody cared or said anything.

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Perth men no too much love for me. It's full of racist, retarded peasants.

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Not even a grimace of a smile or hello. I have few friends despite growing up here and running my own business. You really should get a grip and take your meds.

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Everyone here is stuck up and apathetic. I find social life is not the same of the UK.

I believe the negative reviews here are from people unlucky enough to be victims of crime or are socially awkward and struggle to get along with people. I left that company but noticed others are like that too. I am from Jamaica living in Perth. Eighteen months ago I moved back to Perth with my British wife and I have to say there are a lot of attitudes here that are not desirable.

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At the time of making them I was angry because the things I've heard and seen here. What a dreary place!

Quality of Life in Perth My friend said their client got up and walked out HE was originaly from Melb. I find social life is not the same of the UK.

My husband loves it It depends what ypu are looking for. Ballarat and Geelong have more shops infrastructure, surf, amenties commuters going k to work.

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I have had more aggresion here for no reason other then being not from here. After reading of others having the EXACT same experiences im now full of confidence that when i relocate things will be diffrent.

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No need to order a monthly supply of enhancement drugs that only produce temporary results. Mining companies here treat sub contractors like me like crap here because they know that the mining is the only thing keeping this place together and have a god complex.

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I never knew it was a mining town.

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And yes the beaches are nice but you can find nice beaches in many other places too! I hope I can last here for a while longer for the sake of my kids but in the meantime I'll be planning as many holidays as I can over east.

Male edge price in western australia