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All sexually mature unmarried Belgians participate in at least one language class. If you are enjoying reading this A-Z then you'll enjoy this book.

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Essentially a coffee with a sickening dollop of gooey cream slapped carelessly on top. Atomium An enormous rusting molecule that is visible for several miles from its location in northern Brussels. Thanks to Antoon for pointing out that between English, French and Dutch, all four spelling variants apply guess which language has two. Allegedly the glass was designed by Paul Kwak to fit into the stirrups of horsemen waiting outside his travellers' inn.

Famously advertised during France '98 by a photograph of the Red Devils lined up before kick-off clutching cans of Jupiler behind their backs under the slogon "Men know why".

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Bicycle path A narrow marked lane at the edge of a road or dedicated pathway, likely to vanish suddenly and unexpectedly at any given moment. Ooh aah is that real gold?

Zaventem also has the slowest and most hopeless baggage handling service in the world, so don't bank on any tight connections and pack some spare jocks in your hand luggage.

Fratelli Rossetti

A remarkable strike up male enhancement ingredients achievement. Umbrella A last protection barrier against the Belgian weather. Open Day A peculiar annual occasion for most institutions when they invite the public to come and have a look around their premises. Cafes spill out onto the streets in the summer months and the pleasant summer murmur of a Belgian cafe district in July is a true sensation.

Lasagne Spaghetti for the bourgeoisie.

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  3. City Hall An often incredibly ornate building located in the central square of a Belgian town.
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Kriek Cherry beer. Europe does provide a useful theme for Belgian souvenir shops, in the absence of a well entrenched national image that can be sold as dolls, t-shirts, teaspoons etc. Nothing excites a Belgian shopper more than a good selection of cheese, and a typical shopper never buys less than six different types of cheese at any one go.

Like most decent tyrants his punishment for these deeds was a legacy of statues, and streets, parks and cafes named in his honour. Strangely however the following is not a crime: In exceptional cases surrounded by string ribbons of orange flagging tape, but more often just all of a sudden there in front of you - if you're lucky. The national passion for food is well justified by the plentiful supply of good restaurants and tantalising menus.

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O o stend e Simultaneously the Blackpool and the Dover of Belgium. Taxidermy A scientific process which takes the remains of one dead creature and converts it into the shape of another species, or in extremis an abstract form, for display in a Belgian museum.

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Antwerp en A particularly grey and brown Belgian city, full of paintings of voluptuous 17th Century maidens in various states of undress. The most popular use is to sprinkle it liberally over blocks of cheese as an accompaniment to the beer of your choice. Be prepared for crowds, aggressive satsuma salesmen, the aromas of goats cheese and baking waffles, vans roasting chickens on spits, stalls of Eurotrash CDs, and hundreds of underwear stalls.

Universally ignored and treated with considerable contempt. Hasselt An alleged industrial town in the east of Flanders that is said to be the home of Belgian hard spirits but that noone I have met has ever been to. Mild in flavour and often bearing the faces of fat friars on the wrapping paper.

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Europe A nominal extension of Belgium. Comes in enormous sizes around Christmas time, usually in the shape of a vast wise man. Can often be circumvented by discovering an appropriate shortcut citing the name of an appropriately eminent Belgian, ignoring the rules, obstinacy, etc. And July. Perhaps almost as many churches as bakeries. Not surprisingly umbrellas become dangerous weapons in the hands of Belgians.

Beer is the very essence of the land, the blood of the nation, heaven served in a variety of peculiarly shaped drinking receptacles. Also a place where many Belgians have spent several days of their lives in attempts to get to Zaventem.

A bit politically sensitive. This product quality is libido mental block fantastic. Waffle The most pleasant way of putting on instant fat known to man. All experiences are relative and so what is bizarre and strange to me, may well seem completely normal to others.

The name literally means throwing a hand, which says it all Belgians have none.

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Receptions are held for almost every possible contrived occasion such as the first week back after the holidays, the last week before the how long does libido max pink take to work, the wedding of the head of the department's son, the replacement of a computer system or the installation of a new bicycle rack.

During this is erectile dysfunction mental or physical phase be prepared for very nasty smells almost anywhere, and especially close to water sources. Apparently best in months that have a "r" in them. Full of foreigners. Underwear An article of clothing that the number where to buy male edge in belgium retail outlets and market stalls suggest is bought by Belgians in absolutely enormous quantities.

Also used in Flanders as a collective term for occupants of the lumpy bottom bit of Belgium. Euro A type where to buy male edge in belgium mountain kangaroo found in rocky country throughout inland Australia. Belgian cinema-goers where to buy male edge in belgium the annoying habit of talking very loudly to one another throughout the opening credits and Belgian cinemas have the even more annoying habit of switching on the lights immediately at the vigrx pro price in sunderland of the i have edema in my ankles ones.

This place undoubtedly exists for the purposes of spreading national propaganda. Coffee Generally sold in a form pleasingly between long black and Italian espresso, a coffee in a Belgian cafe always comes accompanied by a treat. The Brussels Ring does not follow a city wall, but does represent a virtual wall beyond which most Eurocrats never venture except when going to Zaventem.

I actually quite liked living there: Beer A heavenly liquid which Belgians have perfected thanks to centuries of intense contemplation by silent orders of monks.

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Customers People who lack the patience and understanding to appreciate how hard it is to run a business in Belgium. I can never remember. Go electric, that's my advice. No - that can't be possible.

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Dutch A strange language spoken in Flanders and consisting largely of the consonants v,s,c,h,r and k. Just as graphically portrayed and well worth searching for at the end of the narrow Impasse de la Fidelite near Brussels Central station, in the middle of all those restaurants selling seafood whose waiters accost you as you try to find your way from the station to the Grand Place.

The process of making an apparently simple task rather less straightforward than it first appeared by positioning carefully drafted bits of paper between the subject and their desired object. No plastic boxes of crustless white British Rail egg triangles here. Rain A tangible dampness that falls on Belgium exclusively during the twelve month long wet season.

Janneke Pis A little known sister of the more famous male equivalent. Ring A very busy and often quite dangerous road that circles a Belgian city, often following the route of an ancient city wall. Nonetheless they do make a pleasant day out. Perhaps nothing brings Belgians out onto the streets more than the prospect of summer dining, regional specialty tasting, fresh produce purchasing.

Verschrikkelijk The first word spoken titan gel haqida narxi most Belgian children.

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Railway Station A dark brick building that is a central feature of most Belgian towns. Cappuccino A vile drink bearing only a remote likeness to its Italian origins. Pavement A quite remarkably narrow strip at the side of the road that often doubles up as a bicycle path. One of the few things that seems to be able to temporarily unite the country, in both joy and frustration.

Is erectile dysfunction mental or physical Office A building that is almost always closed. King The spiritual leader of Belgium.

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Nature reserve A small area of mud about half the size of a tennis court containing at least one poplar tree and a sign forbidding entry. The products the info seen in Male Edge For Sale Philippines is usually properly previously mentioned everything you will find currently available.

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Sugar, fat, yummmm. Scouts do not appear to actually do anything, but they are always in a large group, going somewhere and making lots of noise. Morally matured a great deal after his early adventure in the Belgian Congo when he slaughtered gorillas, de-tusked elephants and blew up a rhinoceros by drilling a hole in its back and inserting a stick of gelignite.