Can’t Get Hard? 10 Reasons Why Your Penis is Being a Total Dick

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This is because drinking causes the angiotensin hormone to rise, AKA the same hormone that causes erectile dysfunction. Recreational Drugs You may already know that lots of hard drugs — like cocaine, heroin, or Oxycontin — can cause sexual problems though, quite frankly, if you're on cocaine, heroin, or Oxycontin, you have many more pressing concerns to deal with than getting dirrrty.

And a study of a group of male smokers with erectile problems found that 75 percent of them saw those erectile problems disappear after they quit. And while erectile issues are often seen as an older man's problem, in reality, one quarter of men seeking medical treatment for erectile difficulties are under The only way over this one is through — as in, taking your relationship problems seriously and dealing with them, even if you'd prefer not to.

Best natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

Bad stimulants such as smoking cigarettes may be having a negative impact on more than just your lungs. She is many things that peo But it's not that you're not sexy — it's that for men, as well as women, relationship problems like fighting all the time, or having clashing expectations about where things are going can severely mess up your sex drive and ability to become aroused.

What do women really think about your penis? The truth is that alcohol can contribute to erectile dysfunction. Everything and every penis is gonna be fine!

Either way, not being able to get a boner when the time is right is beyond embarrassing. Relationship Problems Remember what I said before about how it's not you?

Well, men are raised hearing those messages, too, and they can end up screwing with their sexual self-image —for instance, they can lead men to obsess over their own virility, and panic about impressing a new partner, until they've thought their boner into a corner and can't get an erection.

While studies have found that men with erectile problems only make up 20 percent of the general population, 40 percent of men with erectile problems are smokers.

Why Can't Guys Get Hard Sometimes? 9 Reasons Why Men Can't Get It Up

Other medications such as anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication may have lifelong effects on your ability to get a boner. If your dude has consistent erectile problems from consistently drinking too much, however, he should consider cutting down on the sauce, and possibly talking with a doctor.

Anti-depressant medications like Prozac and Zoloft, anti-anxiety pills like Valium, high blood pressure medicine like Diuril, and even over-the-counter cold medicines like Sudafed and anti-heartburn pills like Zantac can inhibit erections.

Performance Anxiety Remember those cultural messages we discussed earlier, about how men are wild sex aliens from the planet Weenus?

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Why does losing an erection bother men so much? Studies suggest that over time, an over-exposure to porn can actually hinder your ability to stay hard and even enjoy sex.

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But there are erection-friendly alternatives to nearly every daisy-wilting medicine listed above. Not attracted to your girlfriend anymore? Damage to the liver can cause irregular hormone distribution which can lead to both sterility and impotence.

Booze Ah, booze: While chronic heavy drinking can lead to chronic erectile dysfunctioneven one night of hitting the sauce too hard can make it difficult to maintain or achieve an erection.

What To Do When You Can't Get Hard

It happens. Show this article to your nicotine-loving lovah. The why and the fixes ] 5 Too much porn. Vacation, anyone? As it turns out, there are actually tons of things that can keep guys from getting an erection that have nothing to do with you also, all that stuff you learned in middle school about how all guys are hump-crazed sex lunatics might have been slightly off.

Can't Get Hard? 10 Reasons Why Your Penis is Being a Total Dick

For now, at least. By not freaking out yourself, or asking anxiety-provoking questions like "Is it something I did? Stress Not to give your already stressed-out dude one more thing to worry about, but stress is the cause of 20 percent of all erectile problemsfrom one-off boner blunders to a lingering inability to get and maintain an erection.

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Stiffy Solution: There's only one fix here, alas — sober up and if your dude now has to admit that The Wall is unbearable to listen to while sober, well, that's just the price he'll have to pay. So, at least there's that.

Certain Medications Just as certain meds can make it difficult for men to have an orgasmsome can keep the flagpole from even getting raised in the first place. Frustratingly enough, the only solution to exhaustion-based impotence is to get some rest, which is obviously difficult or your dude wouldn't be having this problem in the first place. But if your guy has been resistant to getting help for his insomnia or asking for different hours at work, the inability to get his nine iron out on the putting green might be the thing that finally motivates him to make a life change.

Between 20 and 30 million American men experience recurring erection difficultiesand almost all men have, at one time or another, had their top ramen refuse to boil. Again, saying "stop being so stressed out so you can get max performer coupon code again" is easier said than done — but a lot of people find sexual dysfunction to be a stronger motivator to live a healthier lifestyle than the threat of, say, a heart attack down the road; so there's a chance that this could actually be a good thing in the long run for your boo, if it helps him take his stress seriously.

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What better motivation to quit smoking than having amazing sex? Why are we getting shit-faced before getting down and dirty anyway? Some studies have found that erectile problems in young men are one of the first indicators of developing heart disease ; erectile difficulties have also been tied to diabetesthyroid problems, and other super serious health concerns. Physical exhaustion has a direct effect on your ability to get aroused.

Check out the nine most common reasons that dudes sometimes can't get it up, and get ready to become the soothing voice of reason the next time the guy you're with has a hard time pitching his tent in your happy valley. By Gabrielle Moss Feb 10 Most of us are raised to believe that men are ravenous sex-beasts, eternally horny and only pretending to be a part of polite why guys can t get hard so that they can find some new crevice to jam their Jeremy Irons into.

Waverly Smith is a freelance writer who has been getting paid for spreading her sarcastic take on love, life, and sex since The only fix for this one is to get some anavar cycle libido. Unfortunately, your penis may suffer the consequences of you getting better.

So if your dude is a well-rested, non-drinking, non-smoking, paragon of relaxation who suddenly can't get wood, urge him to talk to his doctor — his misbehaving penis may actually be communicating something way more important than "Not tonight, honey.

Follow Waverly on Facebook. Relaxation techniques like yoga, exercise, meditation, tai chiand getting titan gel armenia original sleep can all lessen the impact of stress on your why guys can t get hard and your dong.

And since erectile problems may be the first side effect your dude has experienced, seeking medical treatment for his erectile problems may be the thing to get him into a doctor's office.

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Which makes sense — if you're spending 90 percent of your time together fighting about whether you're going to move in, switching gears to make 10 percent of your time together into a sexy sex party is pretty damned difficult.

The good news is, almost all of these conditions can be successfully treated if you catch them early on. Okay, sometimes it is you.

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Dudes grappling with insomnia, or dealing with punishing work or school schedules that leave them barely any time to sleep, may find the inability to pop a chub added to their many burdens. So not only are erectile problems common, they're nothing for you or your special friend to be freaked out about.

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Performance anxiety is one of the most common culprits behind lost erectionsespecially among younger, less experienced men. Of course, sex difficulties are just the tip of the stress-induced health problem iceberg — sustained stress can also lead to insomnia, stomach troubleschest pains, anxiety, and more severe health issues in the long term.

After all, what could else possibly stop these hormone-addled maniacs from getting an erection? We must be profoundly unsexy. And your dude shouldn't let embarrassment keep him from talking to his GP about this — doctors are well aware that erectile ed ames are a possible side effect for all of these medicines; they just don't know which patients will experience what side effects, so they're waiting for you, the patient, to bring it up.

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Why can’t I get and keep an erection? - NHS

That visual is about as appetizing as the actual experience. Over time, these dopamine receptors become dull and men need harder, more graphic porn to be turned on. Not exactly ideal grounds for getting an erection.

So the first time we cross paths and genitals with a guy who can't get an erection, many of us immediately panic and assume that the problem must be us. Obviously, no one should ever go off a prescribed med without consulting with a doctor. And you thought weed was just a harmless way to enjoy the musical stylings of Pink Floyd. Who knew it could actually mess with one's own pink floyd? How to keep an erection up for longer in 20 ways ] 10 Medication.

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The best thing you can do here is be why guys can t get hard. Exhaustion Being chronically overtired impacts everything, including your sex drive and your ability to become aroused. Picture this: Then the dopamine receptors are so dull that men are unable to keep an erection and frequently find themselves uninspired by a real life partner.

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But did you know that sometimes, even pot can inhibit erections? Smoking Smoking damages blood vessels, inhibiting blood flow throughout the body